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Super Sprite Shorts is BACK!

2011-02-21 14:48:57 by R3DPhoenix

Now with extra Wayne's World!

Super Sprite Shorts Vol 4

No, seriously, I chucked some Wayne's World in there. Aren't I thoughtful?


P.S. Shadow Rising: Ch II is started to move a bit. Should be submitted soon, don't worry!

Super Sprite Shorts is BACK!

Over two years since I last submitted to the portal, I'm now hard at work again. But this time, things are different. A lot's happened over the past two years. I've grown up in many ways. I know now that there is no point making Flash content for the sake of awards and recognition (take a look at my submissions and you'll see that really didn't work out); it should be about enjoying the creation and the satisfaction of the end product. This means I won't be churning out half-baked submissions with sketchy tweens and crude bitmaps. If I see a problem, I'll fix it, even if it means dumping and rebuilding part of my library.

I'm still all about the sprites though, nothing's changed on that front. True love lasts a lifetime! I think my ability with them has improved though. Judge for yourself when I'm finished with my current project. Which is...?

I developed the idea of a darker Mario project around late 2006. Shadow Mario had appeared in Super Mario Sunshine but despite the dark, stone-like aura of Shadow Mario, he didn't capture the portal as I thought he might. My fleeting attempt to capitalise on this was the incredibly weak 'Mario vs. Shadow Mario', submitted early 2007. It was a slapdash effort with the alterior motive of cashing in on the SMBZ hype. Not cool. Even if I was 13.

The idea wasn't shelved for long; also in 2007, I started submitting a sprite comic adaptation to WiiTogether, and gave it the name Shadow Rising (I'm aware there was a pretty good game of the same name recently released in the portal. I don't see why we both can't use the name, especially since I actually had the name first :P ) . This time, I gave it a lighter, more comic (geddit?!) vibe, and also tried to include non-Mario characters like Samus. It was alright for what it was, but I left it after 33 issues; it just didn't capture what I wanted from the Shadow Rising project.

After that, Shadow Rising lay stagnant for a long time. I turned my attention to sprite skits in Flash; they were easier to write and quicker to make and held my attention better. Ironically, this was actually where my only award to date came from. But the satisfaction at the end was minimal. Work and a loss of interest conspired against me and Flash and I drifted apart from 2009 onwards.

In December 2010, I found myself back on Newgrounds. I still can't remember how it happened, but I started frequenting the BBS again, as well as watching the new content come in. After a couple of weeks doodling on Flash and rewatching my old favourites (Power Star, Psycosis,Dungeon...), I decided I wanted to return to Flash. And there was only one option for me: Shadow Rising, in all its dark, gritty glory.

I learned from my mistakes before and didn't throw myself straight into it. I spent about three to four weeks writing scripts, collecting music, sprite sheets, editing sprites (I wanted to use Super Mario World style sprites and I couldn't find any Shadow Mario sprites in this style, so I had to do all the palette changes myself) before I actually started animating. I finished my exams about a week ago and I've been toiling over Shadow Rising ever since. I've just finished the big introduction, which took ages and may well have been the hardest I've ever worked on Flash before. I'm now working on a few more set pieces as well as piecing the main story together for the first chapter, which I intend to put into the portal in about two to three weeks. I've got scripts for more after that, and I've choreographed the final chapter already anyway, so there's no chance of me bailing on this project before it's done.

Essentially, this project is to gauge how much I've developed and matured over the last two and a bit years. But it's also to give something with some genuine effort to Newgrounds; my other contributions haven't been up to scratch and I owe the website that (questionably) guided me through adolescence.

So keep an eye out for Shadow Rising: Chapter I in a few weeks. I really hope it's something people can enjoy.


Back on the Flash wagon but with added maturity!

I got into Cambridge!

2011-01-06 11:25:29 by R3DPhoenix

Just got back from school and opened my letter; I've got an offer from Cambridge to study Computer Science next year. Absolutely stoked!

This calls for a victory tune methinks...

/* */

Feels pretty good.


12 days to go...

2008-12-12 16:31:49 by R3DPhoenix

Wow, halfway through advent and I still haven't posted.
Bad news first, PaperBat's aforementioned Moonwalker collab got canned, so my part's going to be stuffed into an already beefy Archive folder which will be revived when I hit writer's block and decide to be a fag and release all my forgotten works in ONE BIG TASTY COMPILATION. Watch the portal after my 17th birthday...
Ok, now for the good stuff. On some Christmassy notes, I found Raymond Brigg's 'Father Christmas' on YouTube. If you haven't seen it, watch it, it's bloomin' brilliant. Guaranteed to make you feel festive.
Part I is here (embedding disabled, bah, humbug) so check it out if you need some Christmas cheer. I also started a Christmas flash which hasn't got far at all. I don't have much time either...
In other news, I got a scholarship for a Sixth Form college (woo, I'm clever and stuff), listened to the Animal Crossing theme music for about two hours half asleep (LGTTC for Christmas hopefully...) and I've actually decided to learn how to beatbox. No, I'm not kidding, I'm just that sad.

In case I don't get to speak to you before the big day, have a very merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah/terrific Turkey day.
Much love and mulled wine,

(Almost) Finished exams, updates and assorted jollies.

2008-11-23 13:07:29 by R3DPhoenix

After about four weeks of revision and exams, the end is near. I have just two exams left on Thursday...and they're arguably the most important of the bunch because they decide whether I go to a good college or nay. Still, 18 down, 2 to go...
In other news, I made a part for PaperBat's Moonwalker collab. Sign up if you like/utterly detest Michael Jackson. I'm also working on a currently unnamed project which hasn't got very far into development. It should be out by New Year's (hopefully). Aaaaand I also got invited to a new forum for Flash artist folk here. Sign up if you like Flash, although I might warn you the forum is still in nappies and the admin isn't really sure who he's aiming the forum at and what his policy on his mods is. It's a bit unstable at present...
ALSO, I saw A Silent Film at Oxford Academy last night, which was pretty damn awesome. They're a top band, check them out on their Myspace. They also had support from Motion in Colour who were only a bit older than me and were almost as awesome. Had a chat with the drummer, he was pretty cool.
And last but not least, I found this video which I had on VHS back in the day. I watched in several times daily before I got my N64....and then kept watching it after I got it. I was only four or five, so the sight of Mario coming at me in 3D blew me away.

/* */
Anyway, have a fun week and I'll catch up with you soon,


2008-11-02 10:46:34 by R3DPhoenix

Nothin' much going on here, I'm afraid. I go back to school on Tuesday (rats), I have exams next week (gay rats) and I have no ideas for Flashes (big fat stinking bisexual rats). I made this four second loop out of boredom. Kapow, crazy hue Mario gets pwn'd.

Super Sprite Shorts is on hiatus until I get some better ideas, by the way. Sorry :/

In the meantime, you could have a look at this forum over here. I signed up, and it's pretty damn cool! Check it out if you want to get your chat on.

Aaaaand of course I hope you all had a super spooky Halloween. I spent mine revising for exams. Life's tough.

Have a great Sunday!

Super Sprite Shorts Vol. 3...

2008-10-30 18:22:10 by R3DPhoenix in the portal now! Go have yourself a few lolz and check it out! Come on you deserve it after a hard days work...

Super Sprite Shorts Vol. 3


Super Sprite Shorts Vol. 3...

More from Japan and update, yo!

2008-10-28 12:49:10 by R3DPhoenix

K, unpacked the remainder of my stuff from Japan. Doesn't justify another photo though, so I'll just give you a word picture.

Can of Fanta Grape
Didn't even know Fanta Grape existed. It tastes like it's 103% sugar. It's also delicious, which is why I brought back a can. Tasty stuff!

Book of Flyers
Some guy on a corner in Kyoto gave me a 288 page (or 1.1cm thick) book of flyers and adverts. For free. He was dishing about twenty of them out, so that makes for a lot of dead trees! There's all sorts of adverts, from nail manicures (I decided against that for logistical reasons) to Japanese phone sex. I think. It has a phone number and I'm using my imagination.

Japanese Wrapping Cloth
Basically reusable wrapping paper, so the recipient of the gift can pass it onto the next person! Much more eco friendly than wrapping paper, but it's too pretty to give away....rats....

Yeah that's it. I think. Yeah it is.

Anyway, general update, working hard on Super Sprite Shorts Vol. 3, it's about 40% done. If anyone has ideas for shorts, it would put my mind at ease and, they might get used if they're good/decent/passable.

Anyway, enjoy the remainder of your Tuesday, or Wednesday, if you're reading this tomorrow/today. Wait...I'm all confused now.....

More from Japan and update, yo!

And I'm back from Japan...

2008-10-26 12:46:45 by R3DPhoenix

I'm back from Japan and it makes me sick. Japan is officially the greatest country on the face of the earth, with all its lights, funny nerds and decent weather (I live in England, the rain capital of the world...). Bah, humbug. Well, in case you're curious as to what I brought back from the rand of the rising sun, douzo (Jap: here you are).

1. Famitsu Magazine
I wanted to get a copy of this because it seemed to be the most reputable Japanese gaming magazine. And because it marks games out of 40, which is kinda cool. I can't really read much of it though. Only bits like 'this game' and 'Final Fantasy XIII'. Hmph.

2. Manga
I got two mangas: Doubutsu no Mori and Supa Mario-kun. For normal folk, that's Animal Crossing and Super Mario. The Animal Crossing one is pretty cool because its lots of little comic strips. The ones I can make out seem to involve Tom Nook selling large volumes of fishing rods. Nice one, Tom! The Mario one involves lots of large smiles. It looks distinctly evil.

3. Famicom (!!)
That's right bitches, I've got me a Famicom. I went to Akihabara and got myself one for 3600 yen (£24, $39) and it's now my pride and joy. The shop I bought it in had some rather questionable articles for sale though...
I also got four carts: Super Mario USA, Dr. Mario, Yoshi no Kukki and Dragonball Z. For those of you wondering why I got the last one, I was with some friends and we thought it was a fighting game and we could hook it up the the TV in our hostel and have some lolz. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a text heavy RPG. 500 yen down the drain then... For those of you quizzing why I got the other three, I was looking for cheap and cheerful games. And they popped up.

4. Japanese Sweets
I'd already had these from when my dad went to Japan, so I decided to bring some back so I could chomp on down. Pocky and Koara no Maachi FTW!

5. Donald Duck Hat
From Tokyo Disneyland. I wore it all day and subsequently have about fifteen pictures taken with horrendously excited Japanese schoolgirls who were thrilled to see a tall, blond, curly haired gaijin wearing a child's hat. I felt insanely special. Overall, I had about fifty* pictures taken with Japanese school girls bearing the peace sign. Over here, girls don't even look at me. Man, I want to go back.

6. Kirby Plushie
Officially my new best friend. Kawaii desune!

7. USB Humping Dog
Plug it into your laptop USB and this happy little fella starts frantically humping. I laughed solidly for about ten minutes watching this cute little dog make sweet love to my computer. And no stains!

There might be other stuff that I've forgotten about and am yet to unpack. For anyone who hasn't been, fucking go to Japan. It is absolutely incredible in every way possible and your head may explode. And go to Shinjuku station at morning rush hour. It's a truly rewarding experience to be crushed and marauded by hoards of Japanese businessmen who've never heard of deoderant. Plus the staff push you onto the trains to fit everyone on. Fun times desu!

I am, however, jetlagged as hell. I cannot for the life of me sleep on a plane so I am suffering a bit here. Might go for a kip now...

*Kay, it was actually, like five. Felt like fifty to me...

And I'm back from Japan...